>Care Certificate

This is a highly recommended qualification for those looking to start out or change job roles within care.

>Infection Control

Understand the importance of infection control and the responsibilities involved in ensuring legal compliance.

>Medication Handling

Understand the procedures to ensure medication is administered safely.

>Challenging Behaviour

Learn what might trigger challenging behaviour and how to handle these situations.


Understand how to carry out venepuncture safely and learn to recognise/deal with potential complications.


Understand the importance of reablement support and the types of help & support available.

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>Safeguarding Courses

Learn how to recognise and report abuse as well as gain awareness of the support available following disclosure.

>Mental Capacity Act & DoLs

Raise awareness of how both these acts affect the everyday work of care staff.

>Medication Management

Understand how medication is managed within a care environment whilst implementing safe medicine handling procedures.

>Child Protection

Learn how to identify different signs of abuse and the relevant laws and legislation that protect them.

>Mental Health Awareness

Effectively respond to the mental health needs and recognise the symptoms.

>Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Identify an ulcer, its common causes and who is most at risk.

>Understanding Dementia

Learn the different types of dementia and how it affects the patient and those around them.

>Catheter Care

Understand what catheterisation is & the risks involved with it.

>Patient Handling

Learn safe manual handling techniques, reduce risk of injury and meet relevant legislation

>Duty of Care

Know the responsibilities demanded under the Duty of Care legislation to ensure the well-being of service users.

>Carers Awareness

Understand who a carer is and what they do in their day to day role. Perfect for new starters.

>Palliative & End of Life Care

Learn how palliative care works alongside "end of life" care and how to increase a patient’s quality of life during the illness.

>Preparing to Work in Care

Understand the carer’s role, responsibilities and the principles of care.

>Person Centred Care

Understand the importance of seeing people as unique individuals and managing their needs whilst ensuring privacy and dignity throughout.

>First Aid Awareness

Become equipped with the skills and knowledge to deal with emergencies and accidents.

>Fire Safety Awareness

Understand how fires break out, how to use fire equipment and how to minimise the risks.

>Health & Safety Awareness

Gain knowledge of risk assessment and the skills required to identify and eliminate hazards in order to minimise risk.

>Food Safety Awareness

Gain knowledge of good food safety practices & how to prevent food poisoning.

>COSHH Awareness

Learn how to implement the COSHH regulations in order to create a safer and compliant working environment.

>Lone Working

Understand the risks to personal safety and know what to do to make sure they stay safe.

>Working at Height

Gain an awareness of the common hazards and risks involved when working from a height

>Risk Assessment

Identify potential hazards and risks, control measures effectively and understand the issues relating to risk assessments.

>Nutrition in Care

Learn what nutrition and malnutrition are and understand the effects of good and bad nutrition on the patient’s body & health.

>Allergen Awareness

Gain an essential understanding of food safety procedures regarding allergens and the latest legislative guidelines.

>Autism Awareness

Aimed at those who are involved with clients who have Autism.

>Epilepsy Courses

Understand how to respond to epileptic seizures and the different types of epilepsy.

>Disability Awareness

Ensure that services, procedures and policies comply with equality legislation and how to accommodate disabled people.

>Learning Disability Awareness

Covers several different learning disabilities and how to manage challenging scenarios.

>Asperger's Awareness

Provides a better understanding of how to respond to, and care for, those with Asperger’s.

>Stroke Awareness

Gain knowledge of symptoms, treatments and the side effects of stroke.

>Diabetes Awareness

Aimed for those who want to learn more about diabetes, and how to help those who suffer from diabetes.

>Equality & Diversity

Learn why "equality and diversity" is important and the main targets of discrimination.

>Communication and Record-Keeping

Understand what communication is and the principles of good communication and record-keeping.

>Drugs and Alcohol Awareness

Know both the physical and psychological signs of alcohol dependence.

>Data Protection

Understand the issues surrounding data protection in the workplace.

>Complaints Handling

Learn how to respond to complaints, the handling process and how to identify incidents and errors.

>Conflict Resolution

Improve your ability to deal with difficult or emotional conflict situations.

>Customer Service

Understand customer service techniques, how to deal with complaints and the customer’s needs.


Learn the concept of mentoring, the essential skills to be a mentor and how to construct effective feedback.

>Staff Appraisal

Provide appraisals through effective communication and reviews.

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